February 2016

Winter of Dish Content

To keep to the winter blues away and hurry up the joy’s of spring, we have got a couple of meal deals together for you.

The HUBBOX weekday offer (11.30am-5pm Monday-Friday) is the “feed the workforce” deal, a stomach filling, wallet loving takeaway offer of a 4oz cheese and bacon burger, fries and a chilled soft drink for just £5.99….

HUBBOX Feed the workforce

Every weeknight (from 5pm Monday-Friday) we have our “mate night/date night” offer of 2 x burger trays with fries, winter slaw, pickles, beans + burnt ends. Served with a pitcher of draft beer or a carafe of house wine for £19.95… this deal is as the name suggests, perfect for dates or just for mates and makes dark nights a little lighter!

HUBBOX date night mate night

Not to be outdone by the youth of today, the Hub in St Ives is getting on board and offering the same deals for anyone coming in and giving us a little Hotline Bling dance! – you used to call me on my cell phone….!