July 2015

Take it away Sam

It’s a little known fact that you can enjoy Hub and HUBBOX from the comfort of your own home!

The initial question is why would you not want to come in and enjoy our company? But we do know there is always a time when you can’t, and we don’t see why that should stop you from enjoying our award-winning burgers. If you can arrange the pick-up, we can arrange the food, all wrapped up in a little brown ecologically-sound bag.

We’ve put our whole menu in a bag to go (although not all at once or all in one bag!) but the undisputed champion of take-away and the highlight of our take out offerings, quite possibly the deal of the century is the Exeter only “Burger, Chips and a Drink” for £5 – yes we know, that is insane value for money!

Take the HUBBOX home

If there is time all our restaurants will offer a take-away service, you can either come in order, and wait for your food, or you can give us a call and then collect when it is ready… order numbers and menus can all be found on the website or just use the links below!

HUBBOX Truro Menu

HUBBOX St Austell Menu

HUBBOX Exeter Menu

See you soon