July 2015

Summer Special: Lobster Roll

What would summer be without a summer special? To celebrate our first restaurant actually on a beach, we pulled an old favorite out again this year… All hail the Lobster Roll!

As with all our produce, we are very conscious about where and how our lobsters are fished and while we could get them all year round, we are only interested in serving local lobsters and that means April to November when they are in season and at their freshest, supplied by our local fishmonger Mathew Stevens.

Served in a Baker Tom’s bun, with crème fraîche, spring onion, lettuce and a slice of lemon.. If you ever wanted to taste summer it’s here, best enjoyed on the terrace, with a cold beer.

Interesting fact:
All our lobsters are sustainably fished using the v-notch system. If an adult egg bearing female is caught, a v-notch is put in her tail and she is thrown back. The notch will remain for several molts — a mature lobster molts about once a year —  this means she will not be landed for several years helping to conserve our lobster populations.

This dish is currently only available in the Hub St Ives