January 2017

Sticky Pig – January Special

What do you get if you cross a stick and a pig? – a sticky pig

We take one of Philip Warrens finest 6oz Beef Patty and smother it in our home made bacon jam, then a spoon full of our legendary beans and burnt ends, a slice of American Burger Cheese then serve it in a Baker Tom’s bun, with rocket and a dollop or garlic mayo – hmmmm….


Just looking at it is a feast, eating it is a sensation – the sweet richness of the bacon jam mixes with the delicate spice from the beans and burnt ends, as the melted cheese smoothes it out and the burger gives you the solid beef hit you’ve come to expect from a HUBBOX burger.

Enough – my stomach is rumbling and I have just had lunch!!!!


Sticky Pig Hubbox Special