May 2015

Hobo Chic

Serving up barefoot stomping musical wizardry, Hobo Chic is dropping in at the Hub St Ives on June 3, from 9pm. We hooked up with him ahead of the gig to find out a bit more about what inspires his music and lifestyle.

How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?

“Musically I cover quite a range of genres. From the acoustic loveliness of Bon Iver and Ben Howard; through reggae and hip hop classics from artists like Bob Marley and Outkast, all the way to the funk and soul tracks of legends Prince, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. I like to play anything that makes me smile really.”

What’s the definition of ‘hobo’ to you?

“I guess the word ‘hobo’ means different things to different people, but to me it’s a traveller, a person with no permanent home. Somebody who likes to move around and experience the diversity of the world.”

Who are your inspirations for your music?

“I have so many musical inspirations from the different points of my life. Growing up I listened to an awful lot of Lenny Kravitz, I loved his retro style and the funk/rock nature of his music. Before I moved to London, I was listening to lots of Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley, and when I was there found an incredible love for soul legends both old and new, people like Donny Hathaway and D’Angelo. Then later in life I really found a great affinity for the music of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and the Volcano Choir.”

Have you had any standout shows, as far as you can remember? How does playing small shows compare to playing large crowds with Newton Faulkner or Katie Tunstall?

“Stand out shows? Hard to say really, I’ve had lots of gigs where I’ve walked out with a huge smile on my face. For me that’s the best sign of a good gig. It can be the culmination of so many things; your audience and their response to what your doing, how “on it” you felt on the night and how well you felt you played; the ambience of the venue, large or small it doesn’t matter, it’s the atmosphere and connection that’s important.”

Where are you heading now?

“I’m off on a few months-long tour in Portugal in a couple of weeks. Then I’ll be floating up and down gigging in the UK till I go back to France for the winter. I tour the ski resorts of the French alps from December till April each year. Basically anywhere that’ll have me play.”

Hub Sessions with Hobo Chic

See you at the Hub St Ives 9pm!